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Feb 5, 2000 - March 15, 2015

"Miss Auburn" (Auburn's Toomers Corner Tree seedling) has grown and survived after I bought her at the Greater Nashville Auburn Club auction in the spring of 2015. I acquired this tree in memory of my sweet girl Tilly (Chalkaro’s Miss Auburn Tilly, CDX, TD). 

I planted this hoping to have her grow and take her with me if i ever move from this place.  It has been three years since I had to say goodbye to this special dog.  

Miss Auburn growing strong in 2022!

I miss my Tilly.   I miss her gentle soft look, the way she slept and how she would groan in the comfort of sleep.  I miss her snarl when she didn't like a scented spray I'd use (specifically Bath and Body Works Sun-Ripened Raspberry).  I miss her jack rabbit jumping when she performed the swing finish when we trained in obedience or during competition and she would get so high that she could lick my glasses.  I watched her gazelle jump over a hockey fence in Fargo, South Dakota (with Sarah Leonard as proof who saw it happen) that was 7 feet high.  She made it look effortless.  She loved my other fur babies, Otter and Ferris.  After her shy state as a puppy, she matured into such a lovely but lively sweet girl.  As a tracker she pushed me and showed me how wonderful she could work and put her all into it.  

She rode on a boat and was just comfy and enjoyed being with me.  She rode on a plane (with Sara Felmlee and Corey Gerulis) and was calmer than me.  She was  just easy breezy as a traveler and liked going places.    She kept me grounded.  

When I was hit by an SUV on Memorial Day 2003, I injured my back. She and Otter didn't leave my side all night that day.  She protected me.  It was true love and devotion to her owner. She could play, too.   I miss the way she would come up if I had my knees bent sitting on the floor and created a tunnel that she would follow my hand and would crawl through.  She loved her black kong.   She loved snapping/cracking a empty water bottle.  She'd talk, chat and be happy, popping  underneath my hand when I was using a computer mouse and get my attention for affection.  

Just like anyone who loved their dog we can all share the wonderful memories.  They are each so special.  I'm thankful for all the ones in my life. Our pets give us so much to receive so little.  All they want is someone to care them. Some of them are like children to their owner as Tilly was like a daughter to me.  

Hug your special fur baby(s) close. Savor the wonderful memories.  Just like people most of our time is too short with them!I know Miss Auburn will be a beauty one day and each time I look at her or am around her, I will think of my sweet Tilly.  For my special girl,  War Eagle. 

Any client of mine who has a pet whom they would like to honor is welcome to submit their picture(s) and short story to me. I will provide a living memorial here on my website to share your precious fur baby with everyone. Please submit pictures and story to

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