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About Dr. Tobe


Dr. Tobe Singleton comes with a long history of experience in veterinary medicine.  She grew up in a veterinary family with her father (J. Whitt Singleton, DVM-AUCVM'80) being his gate opener/technician/kennel girl for his mixed animal practice.  It is where she found the love of helping and caring for pets to aspire to become a veterinarian.  Her uncle (L. Dudley Singleton, DVM-AUCVM'75) was also a veterinarian and following both of these family members as well as meeting many young veterinary students that traversed through their hospital doors throughout her childhood made her continue her efforts as she matured to become a veterinarian.

Dr. Tobe and first dog Butch
Dr. Tobe and meeting her uncle Dudley at his plane
Dr. Tobe with her Daddy at the AU Meats lab
Leo, Dr. Tobe and Baby-Girl
Dr. Tobe with baby rabbits
Dr. Tobe riding Buff
Jimmy Britton (vet student) and Dr. Tobe 
Dr. Tobe and Maxie in the show ring
Dr. Singleton and Dr. Tobe
Buff and Dr. Tobe at MTSU horse camp

Dr. Tobe graduated from Tullahoma High School in Tullahoma, Tennessee in 1990.  She went to Auburn University and obtained a B.S. degree in Animal and Dairy Science in 1994.  She graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998.  After graduation she moved to Minnesota for 4 1/2 years and worked in several small animal practices before moving back to Tennessee in the fall of 2002.  Dr. Tobe then established herself at Southside Animal Hospital for 14 1/2 years as one of the associate veterinarians caring for dogs, cats and some pocket pets.  Currently, Dr. Tobe  has a mobile practice providing services in the home. Click here for the general service area. Her hope is that with the growth of Nashville and the impending traffic issues, this service will allow Dr. Tobe to help her clients and patients by providing more one on one care in the comfort of their home.   

Dr. Tobe with Patient in ICU at AUCVM Small Animal Clinic
Dr. Tobe with her father at her Veterinary School graduation 

Dr. Tobe lives in Nashville, Tennessee.  She shares a home with her two dogs (Ferris and Dovie). She enjoys ballroom dancing, motorcycle riding, and has taken up hot yoga.  She is a devoted Auburn University fan for any sport and loves going to football games and visiting Auburn (the Best Village on the Plains). Dr. Tobe enjoys traveling, being outdoors (walking, hiking, gardening), and hiding out in the kitchen baking.

Dr. Tobe with dear friend Stacy Jones 
Karrah (Dr. Tobe's niece) with Dr. Tobe meeting Nova WAR EAGLE VII
Dr. Tobe meeting Paula Deen 
Dr. Julie Striekert and Dr. Tobe touring the new Aggie stadium
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