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Need a cat or dog trainer? 


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Moonlight Miracles

Cell number 615-512-8728


My name is Angie Bauman and I have been training dogs for 25+ years.  I started with a German Shepherd named “Moonlight “ and fell in love with showing in AKC Obedience competitions.   He was my Novice A dog and we learned the sport of Obedience together by going to lots of seminars, working with top Obedience instructors (throughout the United States) and I read everything that I could get my hands on about dog training and becoming a balanced trainer.  Moonlight and I accomplished many Obedience titles and he taught me how to become a better trainer throughout our journey together. He and I became an amazing team and what he taught me was invaluable .  The best way to honor him was for me to name my business “Moonlight’s Miracles !!!”  I have since put multiple Obedience Trial Championships on (2) of my  German Shepherds and one on my German Shorthaired Pointer.




After 25 yrs of showing in Obedience I decided to learn how to train and run my dogs in AKC Agility.  I made history with my German Shorthaired Pointer “Overdrive “ becoming the 1st ever (in the breed)  to earn an Obedience Trial Championship and Master Agility Championship.  The AKC published a cover story about us for their monthly magazine.... another 1st for the breed .

What I have learned in training my own dogs has been instrumental with helping my clients dogs who have behavioral issues, puppy training basics (or issues) and just everyday life when living with a dog and/or dogs.  A well balanced dog is a happy dog and that is the honest truth !!!

I also board dogs in my home (South Franklin) for my clients only ...very small scale so it’s a nice and quiet environment.

Please contact me for rates on private lessons and/or boarding.

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